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Here are the Top 10 most commonly asked questions...

How can I recycle my product?
Answer: Click Here

2) The weather data (temperature, rain gauge, wind, UV, etc...) is not transmitting / displaying on my main unit?
Answer: Download this troubleshooting guide. Click here.

3) I misplaced my user manual, where can we download a copy?
Answer: Click Here, to lookup your manual by model number.

4) I would like to purchase a wireless sensor, how do I find a compatible sensor?
Answer: Click Here, to find a compatible sensor by your main unit's model number.

5) How do I program my weather radio?
Answer: Download these Quick Start Guides on how to setup your weather radio.
-Model No: WR601 Emergency Portable Weather Radio
-Model No: WR602 Emergency Public Alert Radio
-Model No: WR603 Emergency Public Alert Radio with Weather Station
-Model No: WR113 Weather Radio with Temperature and Freeze Alarm

6) Where can I purchase replacement parts or additional accessories?
Answer: Click here to view our online offering of accessories and replacement parts. We do not offer AC power adapters. Replacement adapters can be purchased at your local electronics store.

7) Does Oregon Scientific offer repair services?
Answer: Oregon Scientific does not offer any repair services. Oregon Scientific products have a 1 year limited warranty (Toys have a limited 90 day warranty).

8) My wireless BBQ thermometer continues to flash 199F?
Answer: You need to replace your metal temperature probe. Click here to purchase.

9) I'm having problems with my SmartGlobeTM?
Answer: Download the SmartGlobe FAQs, Click here.

10) I'm having problems with my Action Camera.
Answer: Click here for ATC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Can't find the answer you need? Please click here to submit an online help request.

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