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  Wireless BBQ Thermometer  

Wireless BBQ Thermometer

Know When the Food is Fully Ready to Eat Even From Up to 100 Feet Away!
Model Number :AW129
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Know When the Food is Fully Ready to Eat Even From Up to 100 Feet Away!

No need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready¬°Xthis wireless thermometer alerts you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of seven entrees, choose the doneness desired, and you're good to grill.

  • Digital LCD screen with remote wireless probe to identify temperature/readiness of meat
  • Temperature sensor’s range 0F to 392F
  • Detachable belt clip / table stand
  • Entrée programs: Beef, Lamb, Veal, Hamburger, Pork, Turkey, Chicken, & Fish
  • Doneness selections: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Well Done
  • Audio alert options: Almost ready, Ready, Overcooked, Out-of-Range
  • 100 feet transmission range
  • Low battery indicator
  • Batteries included: 2 – AA / 2 – AAA
Rating and Reviews
Based on 5 review(s)

Most Useful Review  

Excellent tool

Written by "J.K" from "Wisconsin"
Aug 08 2012

I love this product! The settings cover all the recommended temps for meat, fish and poultry. This is especially helpful for larger cuts like whole tenderloins or whole chickens that need longer cooking...

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Most Recent Review  

Excellent Product

Written by "G.M" from "Oregon"
Dec 09 2014

I have noted on the reviews that people have expressed they have issues with the probe. I have used this for years and learned when using it with my Weber BBQ if the probe cord touched the grill grate...

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